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Develop Self-Trust and Resiliency To Navigate Turbulence

Nourish, Renew and Support Your Nervous System

Gain Clarity and Tap into the Wisdom of the Body

Stuck in Survival Mode? 

It’s really easy to get lost along the journey of growing your business. You started with passion and dreams of making the world a better place. But somewhere along the journey, things started to feel like they were going off track…


Maybe you’ve felt the discomfort of giving your authority over to a business guru, ignoring and overriding what you know is best for you…


Maybe you’re frustrated by a lack of result that you think you should be getting? Or you’re confused because even when you hit your goals, they feel empty and unfulfilling…


Maybe you spend more time second-guessing yourself, pushing, hustling or stuck in overdrive in pursuit of your goals? 


Maybe the constant stress and emotional roller coaster of running your business, repeating the story of scarcity, lack and deficit, is wearing on you and keeping you stuck…

And maybe all of this has left you wondering…

There HAS to be a Different Way

If this is you, I want you to know you are not alone. So many entrepreneurs struggle with these experiences every day. And your intuition has brought you here, another way IS possible. 

Keep reading! 

It’s time to do business differently by connecting with the wisdom of the body. 

BQ: Body Intelligence For Business

When entrepreneurs are stuck in survival patterns, we can’t “THINK” our way out of our problems. It’s only by coming into the body, completing the stress response and reprogramming our nervous system that we are able to access the deep knowing and inner wisdom that is available through the portal of the body.
Through 1:1 Somatic Coaching and Group Programs, Madelaine Golec invites entrepreneurs to reconnect with the inner wisdom of the body.

Identify and Reprogram Survival Patterns 

Somatic Coaching allows you to cut through the chatter of the mind, identify the patterns that keep replaying over and over again in your business and build deep resilience and self-trust by programming the patterns in the body.

Access Clarity and Insight From Within 

Instead of giving your authority over to a business expert, Somatic Coaching invites you to connect with your own inner authority and access the wisdom and “knowing” that is stored in the body. This creates a felt sense of safety that offers a new road map to leading your business.

Support, Safety and the Power of Presence

Through Madelaine’s presence as a coach, she creates a safe container to explore what is alive and present in you. She expertly guides each entrepreneur to feel, experience and release survival patterns that get in the way of success, expression and true authenticity.

Unlock Expansion, Fun and New Possibilities

Body Intelligence allows entrepreneurs to recalibrate HOW they show up for their business.
With a felt sense of safety, support and love, BQ For Business has the ability to transform stress, overwhelm and burnout, to clarity, contribution and fun by accessing expansion and new possibilities that are available in the body.

By accessing the body as a portal to connect with deep inner wisdom, the body becomes an anchor, calming the physiology through the present moment, which allows greater access to creativity, innovation, wisdom and possibility.

What is Body Intelligence For Business?

As entrepreneurs, we’re very familiar with IQ and even EQ: Emotional Intelligence. But this can only take us so far, especially if our body is stuck in fight, flight, freeze or fawn. BQ: Body Intelligence is an entirely different approach that honours the experience of the body.

By combining inquiry, the power of presence, coaching and somatic experiencing, Madelaine invites entrepreneurs to dive into the felt senses in the body. Instead of attaching to the content of stories or trying to solve problems analytically with the thinking mind, BQ invites participants to partner with the body. 

BQ for Business allows you to connect with authentic solutions that are right for you, from a grounded centered place. Instead of reacting to turbulence or drama in your business, you can make aligned decisions from a place of safety, connection and love, which will transform your entire relationship with your business and how you contribute to the world. 

Meet Madelaine Golec

Entrepreneur, Pelvic Physiotherapist, Somatic Practitioner and Multidisciplinary Clinic Owner

Hello Courageous Entrepreneur!

I understand what it is like to be stressed out about your business. I know how frustrating it can be when we are stuck in survival patterns, constantly striving, doing all-the-things that business gurus tell us to do, and yet, still feeling like nothing is working, unable to find happiness, rest and fulfilment. 

We often have to work ourselves up to do the things required to run our businesses and this zaps our energy and takes us out of our zone of genius. From marketing, to accounting, to lead generation, to launching, we can get caught up in going in every direction at a million miles an hour, completely disconnected from our purpose and how we actually want to contribute to the world. 

Over the past ten years of running a multidisciplinary clinic, I’ve been on my own inner journey, exploring what it means to grow and show up with my full contribution. After diving into therapy, I discovered Somatic Experiencing, studied Polyvagal Theory and Conscious Entrepreneurship. I dove deeper into understanding how our nervous system can be locked into fight, flight, freeze and fawn. It became obvious that I was trapped in reactive patterns that kept coming up over and over again. 

I realized I couldn’t “think” my way out of my patterns of disconnection and frustrations, but through the power of presence and somatic experiencing, I was able to reconnect with my inner knowing and inner wisdom that I could access through my body. 

Through inquiry and coaching, I was able to reprogram my nervous system, by bringing awareness to the physical sensations (instead of the stories) and getting curious about what was actually taking place in my body. By bringing my body back to “rest and digest” and completing the stress cycles, I was able to make aligned decisions, lead my business and transform how I showed up as an entrepreneur from a place of safety, love, resilience and support. 

This changed everything. BQ: Body Intelligence For Business has transformed my relationship with my business (and with myself), and I know that these practices can help end entrepreneurial suffering.

A different way is possible. 

And BQ For Business allows entrepreneurs to tap into their innate authority, build resilience, find clarity and show up with their full contribution in the world. 

Reconnect With Your Inner Wisdom, Clarity and Resilience

Somatic Coaching

 Experience Transformative 1:1 Somatic Coaching with Madelaine

Reconnect to your inner wisdom, resilience and reprogram survival patterns that are keeping you stuck. Get the nourishing support you need to do business differently.

BQ For Business

Ditch Reactive Drama Patterns for Good and Transform How You Do Business

This 4-week live experiential program will give you the step-by-step foundation you need to break out of drama patterns and move into aligned action as a conscious entrepreneur. You can learn how to embody your success.

Body Intelligence Circle

Transforming your patterns through the power of practice

This mastermind is about putting all the teachings into practice. Re-wiring your subconscious patterns requires consistently engaging. We meet 2 times a month for 60 minutes to practice body based exercises, have discussions around contemplative inquiry and there is opportunity for being coached, within the group.

Running your business doesn’t have to be so hard.

It’s time to do business differently.

Connect with Madelaine

Experience BQ for Business

Clarity, Safety, Fun, Contribution

Transformative, Expansive, Enlightening

I didn’t know much about body intelligence before I met Madelaine. After working with her through a group format for just a few short weeks, I’m already beginning to see the benefits of this practice in my daily life as an entrepreneur.

Through hands-on exercises, enlightening conversation, and deep insight, she helped me discover the intimate relationship between my mind and body — revealing how much one influences the other and how we can use this knowledge to show up how we would like to in our business. I loved doing this work alongside other entrepreneurs in the group who could totally relate to how I was feeling!

If you feel like your mind can be a pretty loud place and hold you back from taking aligned steps in your business, do this work with Madelaine.

– Michelle

Madelaine has a wonderful gift and presence as a coach.
She invites you to open a conversation in a deep, trusting, and honest way. With her guidance, I discovered core elements of myself and tapped into the deeper wisdom of my body.

I felt the trust with her I needed to find the courage to open to a new and greater awareness. My work with Madelaine has allowed me to live my life in a fuller, more expansive way.

– Susan B.

Madelaine guided me through a somatic journey to help me to find my blocks and what is keeping me from taking my next step professionally.

She was able to intuitively support me by asking me to tune into my body as I created a visualization where I was able to move through my emotional blocks.

By the end of our session, I felt more clarity and found myself in a physical state where I was able to receive instead of trying to force a path forward.

– Terri

I had the pleasure of working with Madelaine in both her group program and through a 1:1 session and the experience was grounding, supportive, nurturing and extremely valuable. Instead of constantly giving my authority over to coaches, I was able to connect with my body and become present to my own internal guidance system from deep within.

What was revealed was deeply restorative and healing and the wisdom that came through was the most connected I’ve felt to my true north in years. Madelaine’s real, honest and thought-provoking guidance invited me to re-examine aspects of my business and gain clarity on the kind of entrepreneur (and leader) I want to be.

I highly recommend this work for other entrepreneurs who may have become disillusioned from traditional business programs that can leave us feeling depleted, exhausted and overwhelmed and like a failure.

Madelaine is a breath of fresh air and passionate about how BQ can transform business for entrepreneurs. She is a gifted coach and I highly recommend her.

– Becky 

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It’s time to do business differently. 

Connect With the Wisdom of Your Body
BQ: Body Intelligence for Business

If you’re stressed, stuck and suffering, it’s time to try something new.

Unlock expansion, fun and new possibilities, cultivate inner safety and experience the power of presence through BQ For Business. 

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